The Skill Driven Technical Skill Management & Optimization Platform

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Who is T-Box for ?

T-Box is designed for organizations who

  • Want to standardize and benchmark employee skill proficiency using assessment methodology
  • Require skill analysis tools to identify employees with right fit for the job profile
  • Need structured and seamless work flows covering stages from search to allocation in projects
  • Want to identify upskilling requirements within the organization
  • Require systemic and structured approach towards skill analysis and talent management

Why T-Box ?

The skill management in current environment in many of the organizations is done based on skill self declaration by employees and validated by technical discussions , if required. This mode of operations leads to potential gaps in skill and proficiency when employee is deployed in projects.

TBox focuses on establishing talent management platform that will utilize assessment driven methodology for standardizing the skill proficiency declarations. The assessment will serve as approved standard and will ensure right employees are placed for project requirements

TBox focuses on setting up an environment that enables project manager, resource manager and other stakeholders to capture project requirements, identify right skilled associates and based on skill match , allocate them to the projects. The skill analysis options enables stakeholders to get deeper insight on the current project skill landscape and identify the skill gaps that need to be addressed.

What is special in T-Box ?

Assessment based skill expertise validation
Unbiased judgment and scoring, with detailed analytics reports
Auto-Evaluated Assessments and In-Depth Analysis
Powered by E-Box, a highly scalable technology learning and assessment platform
Structured work flows for employee search, employee profiling and project allocation
Detailed analysis of associate fitment, best fit analysis for a requirement, fitment analysis of current team
Focus on enabling project managers and resource managers to identify the right-fit associates

Features of T-Box

Access to comprehensive Technology Skills assessment repository
Downloadable certifications and QR code based verifications for the certificates
Certification dashboard providing view of the completed assessments
Associate level fitment analysis against the project resource requirements
Provide detailed comparison between suitable employees for the job opportunity
Well defined workflows for project managers and resource managers for handling project allocations
Reports providing current fitment analysis at Project level
Notification features to Resource managers and Project Managers based on work flow decisions
Role based access to the workflow modules
Schedule Proctor and Unproctored assessments
Setting up Org Goals and Progress monitoring